FYS129 Week 7

Getting Familiar with Tezuka's work I: Astro Boy Part 2

Tezuka (2008a) Astro Boy pp 58-206

  1. Work in pairs to share ideas and be prepared to share to the rest of the class how would you go about preparing a presentation one of the following topics:
    • Assuming that you are a manga artist, story writer, or both like Tezuka, if you were to envision this world 60 years from now how would you conceptualize it? What research would you do to predict what the future would look like in a believable manner? What popular magazines/journals/news papers would you rely on as a source of inspiration? Are there other novels that you would read as inspirations for your work?
    • In the initial discussion at the beginning of Astro Boy when Tezuka discussed how people started to wonder whether robots had rights or not like humans and later when he introduced the Hot Dog Corps, what connections if any were there with current events regarding human rights? What information would you gather and what sources would you rely on.
    • If you were to examine the artistic influence of Tezuka on modern manga authors, how will you go about engaging in research on this topic? What sources would you rely on to gather information? How would you present your material?
    • If you were to draw comparisons between the type of violence that adults are comfortable exposing children in manga, graphic novels, and novels in general in the US and Japan how would you go about collecting information on this topic? What would you compare? What sources would you rely on to gather information?
    • Tezuka is often referred to as God of Manga 漫画の神様. Why do you think that is so? How would you go about finding information on this topic? What sources would you rely on?
  2. Wrap up

Readings for Next Week
Tezuka (2008b) Black Jack pp5-136

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