FYS129 Week 8

Getting Familiar with Tezuka's work III: Black Jack Part 1

Tezuka (2008b) Black Jack pp5-136

  1. Work in pairs to share ideas and be prepared to share to the rest of the class responses to the following topics:
    • Unlike Astro Boy, Black Jack was translated with deliberately maintaining the Japanese sound effects inserted in the graphics. How does it affect the work graphically, dramatically, and from what you understand about the story?
    •  How is good and evil portrayed in Black Jack? Are there any similarities or differences compared to what you know from US comics?
    • There are several story line in Black Jack that are medically impossible and at times inaccurate, which has been a source of controversy among readers. How has the medical details affected your experience reading Black Jack thus far?
  2. Wrap up

Readings for Next Week
Tezuka (2008b) Black Jack pp137-288

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