FYS129 Week 9

Getting Familiar with Tezuka's work IV: Black Jack Part 2

Tezuka (2008b) Black Jack pp137-288

  1. Wrap up on Black Jack any lingering questions and comments?
  2. Go over Student Presentation Requirements--See handout and syllabus
    • 6 presentation per presentation day
    • You will be randomly assigned to a day today
    • Make sure that you ask questions today to get them clarified
    • Next week, no meeting. Spend your time wisely in preparation of the presentation
  3. Quick check on presentation topics

Preview of Next Week
You will work on your own in preparation of your presentation. Send an e-mail summary of what you plan to present to the instructor by 11:59pm 11/5 to LisaYL@utk.edu.

Last updated: October 29, 2012